"Book Club" Workshop: Whole Body Wellness from the Feet Up SEPTEMBER 20

large_file4531246658429_0.jpgThis is the second and last time I'm running this particluar workshop. We had a lot of fun last time and not everybody was able to make it. I hope you can join us on September 20.

Do your feet need some TLC? Maybe you have a bunion, plantar fasciitis, curled toes, painful heels? Do your heels hurt? Do your toes cramp?

Have you been wanting to transition to minimal shoes but are unsure how?

Do you want to understand what your back or pelvic pain has to do with what you do (or don't do) with your feet?

Do you want to have strong feet, legs and hips to be able to walk, hike and run comfortably?


This "book club" style workshop is made for you and this is how it works:

The workshop is building on Katy Bowman's new book "Whole Body Barefoot". The book is included in the workshop fee and you will receive it in time to read before the workshop (reading prior to the workshop is highly recommended, attending the workshop without having read the book prior to it, is still very valuable). 

You need to do 2 things: 
1) sign up, choose whether you want the book delivered to your home (extra charge) or if you want to pick up the book (Dove Heart Yoga Studio, my home in Gatineau or some Central Ottawa locations possible) or, if you already have the book or prefer to get an ebook version, sign up for a reduced fee.

2) Spend about 2hours reading the book and come to the workshop.

At the workshop you will:
- be guided by Susanne who is a Restorative Exercise Specialist and Healthy Foot Practitioner trained by Katy Bowman
- assess your standing alignment using a plumb line
- have an opportunity to get any questions answered
- assess your shoes and check out minimal shoes that are on the market
- get a great workout by going through every single exercise introduced in the book under expert guidance
- have a "before and after" experience of your feet and the rest of the body
- explore how your foot / whole body responds to natural versus man-made terrain (note: we'll go outside)
- have the opportunity to purchase foot / whole body health goodies (yoga tune up balls, happy feet alignment socks, aligned and well dvds) at a great deal

When: Sunday September 20 from 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Where: Dove Heart Yoga Studio, 3 ch. Versant Sud, Chelsea (more or less opposite the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre)
Investment: $50 (including book)
Note: If you already have the book, the fee for the workshop is $40. 

This workshop is suitable for women and men of all ages. It's also very suitable for pregnant women. 

To register and pay, click here. 

Sign up BY September 11 and receive a free half size travel half dome for calf stretching. 

For any questions, contact Susanne

Katy Bowman's book "Whole Body Barefoot" is a short read divided into two sections - a THINK and a MOVE section, with an APPENDIX with resources at the end. To prepare for the workshop, all you need to do is read the THINK section. It goes over the impact of conventional shoes on our body, introduces you to the biomechanics of your feet and how what happens "down below" effects the entire body and much more. We're doing the MOVING in the workshop. 
Of course you will benefit greatly and likely get more out of the workshop if you try the exercises in the MOVE section at home before you come to the workshop. 

If you already have the book, I'll take $10 off your workshop fee. 
If you prefer to have the book on your e-reader, go ahead with downloading it and I will take $10 off your workshop fee. 

If you have any questions, just get in touch! :)


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