Susanne impressed me!

Susanne impressed me! Her reply to my brief email exceeded my expectations: specific clear questions to clarify my concern, attention to all details, and suggestions of a range of solutions.

When I met Susanne, every minute of her consultation was valuable to me : she is an exceptional listener, a talented educator, and an attentive expert. She informed me without  judging, preaching or imposing one way of solving complex factors that impacted my ability to be physically fit. She picked right exercises and tailored them to my current condition without overwhelming me. I learnt to  understand my body and listen to it, to relax where I used to get tense, to do movements that used to be outside of my abilities but are necessary for balance and painless posture. I feel better prepared for the approaching labor, baby/toddler carrying, and hiking with my older child. I am grateful to Susanne, and recommend her services a lot!

Prenatal Client
June 6, 2016

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