Via Skype

Skype sessions are for you if you cannot have an in-person session with a Restorative Exercise Specialist.

Before our session, you will complete an online intake form so I know what your goals are. 

During our session, we will make assessments of your skeletal aignment (we always start with standing) and I show you exercises to stabilize and mobilize the areas of your body that need that kind of attention. 

We will review how you perform everyday movements (how you sit, bend over, walk, reach, ...) and optimize your technique. These little movements that you do a hundred time every day, without thinking much about it, can wear your body out when not done efficiently.

I'll help you begin to practice mindfulness when it comes to how you think about, feel and use your body.

You'll leave with a good idea of what changes you can implement right away to feel better without feeling overwhelmed.

Follow up sessions can be booked to build on, integrate, refine and review learning. 

Sign up here and email me to arrange a day and time for your session.

What you need for a smooth skype session:

- a reliable, high speed internet connection
- a webcam
- a room where you have enough space to step away from the camera so your whole body is visible, either standing or lying down
- ideally you already have equipment such as half dome, yoga bolster, yoga block and a strap, if not, I will tell you what things to gather from your household
- find me on skype (kangaroofitness) and call me at the arranged time

What clients say:
"I enjoyed working with Susanne over Skype.  I had been following Katy Bowman's work online for a few years but since I live in a remote part of Canada (Yellowknife) there was nobody I could work with in person to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly and in the best order for my body.  When I found Susanne it was so nice to connect with a real person who had the experience to help.  Susanne's knowledge, combined with her relaxed attitude, made me feel comfortable right away.  She was able to clearly observe, correct and guide me in the exercises even though we were not in the same room.  She also taught me some new things and gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going with it.  Today, several years later, I have now certified as an RES"

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